Tanja Njegić, Božidar Manić, Vladimir Lojanica

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The basic research problem is the insufficient application of sustainability criteria in urban and architectural programs and projects for social housing in post-socialist Serbia, which may lead to inadequate and low-quality new housing stock. This paper emphasizes the importance of considering social, economic and environmental sustainability aspects integrally in the further development of the existing, highly residual social housing model, with a focus on improving guidelines, rules and parameters in the design domain. Relevant criteria in the architectural and urban design of sustainable social housing were identified, systematized and interpreted, based on the analysis of scientific knowledge, applicable models and international recommendations. A conceptual multicriteria framework was designed with the aim of contributing to the improvement of methodological approaches in the design and evaluation of social housing settlements and buildings in Serbia, as well as in related housing systems.


social housing, sustainability, architectural and urban design, conceptual multicriteria framework, Serbia

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