Borko Radivojević, Borislava Blagojević, Dragan Radivojević, Aleksandra Ilić

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Hydrodynamic modeling of rivers with flood simulation requires an accurate description of the riverbed and inundation morphology. Depending on a geodetic survey method and data collected, the digital elevation models with different accuracy can be created. This paper describes the methodology for creating a hybrid digital elevation model intended for hydraulic calculations, analysis, and results systematization and interpretation. The case study selected for illustration of the methodology is the flat ground area surrounding the Tamiš River in the Panonian Plain in Serbia. The production steps, advantages and disadvantages of the created digital elevation models with different surveying methods are explained, as well as the application of the hybrid digital elevation model for the 1D- and 2D- hydrodynamic modelingg.


Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Flood Simulation, LIDAR, Hydrodynamic Modeling

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