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This paper deals with the analysis, proposals, and development of program actions and measures aiming at a sustainable development of the village of Berbatovo. Development problems and potentials are defined in addition to collecting general data about the village and its development characteristics. The main shortcomings of the analyzed village are the decline in the number of its inhabitants due to their migration to cities, low education level of those who choose to stay in the village. There is not enough adequate space for public gatherings, there are no institutions necessary for functioning of the locals, such as outpatient clinic, post office, kindergarten, roads are in bad condition. Apart from producing for their own needs only, the local population shows insufficient activity and interest in starting their own business, which would create the conditions for a better quality of life in the village. In this paper, after defining development problems and observed potentials, appropriate strategic directions of sustainable development, general and specific goals and program actions and measures that would contribute to the adequate development of the village were selected.


Berbatovo, village, sustainable development, measures, rural architecture

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