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In this work author deals with the modeling of the e-platform as a decision-support tool for improving the accessibility of urban areas in the Republic of Serbia. This research systematizes, analyzes and compares existing national and international practices, regulations and norms on the topic of accessibility. Through the research of existing knowledge and good practices and through field research, a theoretical setting of the platform model and an algorithm for calculating the current state of physical accessibility are created, on the example of an adequate statistical theoretical sample taken in the Republic of Serbia (territory of the city municipality of Stari grad of the city of Belgrade). The method for priority decision-making, intervention and application of Universal Design principles in the urban and physical environment in Serbia is presented through interdisciplinary and multi-institutional use of e-platforms. The e-platform model formed in this way will serve as a decision-making aid for all stakeholders, and will enable the current state of accessibility to be displayed in real time, and the approaches and methods in urban and architectural planning and design to be adjusted for more efficient application of Universal Design. This research aims to prove that if we create an e-platform that is accessible to all actors and the public, and data is collected in real time on the spatial components of accessibility, but also on the subjective components of the actors, then conditions are created for the optimization of the management of actions in order to improve accessibility in urban areas.


E-platform, universal design, accessibility, inclusion, physical environment

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