R NP Singh, Hemant Kumar Vinayak

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Seismic analysis of bridge pier supported on pile foundation requires consideration of soil-pile-structure (kinematic and inertial) interactions. This paper presents the design forces generated for bridge piers with varying height and constant diameter for medium and soft soils in earthquake probability zones considering contribution of soil-pile-structure interactions by developed analytical approaches. The results have shown that the difference in base shear demand between force based and displacement based approach and that between capacity spectrum and displacement based method in general decreases with the increase in slenderness ratio of the pier. The base shear demand by non-linear time history analysis has been found to be much higher compared to that by other methods. The relationship between height and pier cross-section has been developed for different soils and seismic zones such that the base shear demands by force based and displacement based method are of the same order. The overall value of the slenderness ratio works out to be such that failure of the pile shall be as a short column for both medium and soft soil.

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