Emir Maslak, Dragoslav Stojić, Esad Mešić, Radovan Cvetković

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Timber-concrete composite beams are classified as modern constructions. They are created by connecting a timber and concrete element. They are designed in such a way that the concrete part of the beam is placed in the compressed zone, and the timber part is placed in the tension zone. Different types of fasteners can be used for connecting, from mechanical (screws, nails, perforated plates, parts of steel profiles, etc.) to chemical (various types of glues). In this work, the possibility of active strengthening for this type of beam by external prestressing, is examined. One way for applying an external prestressing force is shown. By experimental testing are determined results for prestressed and beam without prestressing. Obtained results are presented and compared.


timber-concrete composite beams, shear-studs, active reinforcement, external prestressing

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