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A good typology, corresponding to the contemporary requirements of housing can contribute to better quality solutions in this field. Theoretical considerations concerning building configuration have defined the types of residential buildings configurations in their basic form, producing hybrid solutions when combined. Current solutions of residential buildings in densely populated urban areas of developed Western European countries have brought another additional type of residential building configuration to the foreground.

In order to achieve high density it is necessary to build high residential buildings, which suggests the use of the tower building form as one of adequate solutions.

In their response to the current complex building construction requirements, from urban to technological, urban planners and architects conclude that a residential building in the form of a tower must have a substantial plinth. Only this will allow for a quality product – a marketable apartment that meets all standards of a complex locations in the cities. That is how a new type of residential building configuration was born.

Improved configuration typology of residential buildings will expose current issues more clearly and reveal better solutions for housing in urban areas.


residential building configuration, housing, typology, dwelling, apartment, building density

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