Marija Stamenković, Snezana Antolović, Dragan Kostić, Mihailo Mitković

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The use of renewable energies is imperative nowadays. One of the ways to use clean technologies is installation of photovoltaic systems which convert solar energy into electricity, through solar plants. The country’s potential for usage of solar energy is determined by the analysis of climatic conditions. The research is conducted on the example of a small-scale solar plant – a pilot project installed in the city of Niš, concerning the analysis of the mounted system and giving the recommendations for their design with the aim of improving efficient energy use. Limitations in the installation of solar plants can occur in the case of an unfavorable position of the building where the installation is planned, and more often, the limitations are related to the investment costs and length of the repayment period of these kinds of technologies. This paper represents a promotion of sustainable electricity supply for our country and it is in correlation with the legal directives of using renewable energies.


renewable energy, photovoltaic systems, climatic conditions, building properties

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