Biljana Matejević, Milorad Zlatanović

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During constructing of any structure, there are a large number of factors impacting the total performance of the construction site. One of very important factors is productivity. Because of the specific nature and importance of concreting works, when constructing a building structure, it is necessary to pay a special attention to execution of these works. In this paper is analyzed the productivity in general sense, as well as productivity in civil engineering, with a focus on productivity in the course of concreting works. The importance of concreting works is emphasized, and the concreting works technology is described. A review and a description of the factors affecting the concreting process productivity are provided. A productivity analysis is performed on the concrete construction site based on the data obtained by recording the concreting process, and some of the results are provided.


civil engineering, productivity, concreting process, concreting technology, impact factors

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