Nemanja Marković, Dragoslav Stojić, Radovan Cvetković, Vladimir Radojičić, Stefan Conić

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Monitoring of structures implies integration of sensors and actuators, smart materials, data transfer as well as computer analyses and simulations with the purpose of damage detection, localization, assessment and prediction of the state of damage at the certain moment and in time. This paper presents the application of the explicit finite element method for modeling of the wave propagation. The examples of concrete plates and thin steel plates in which the propagation of the Lamb waves occur were analyzed. Explicit finite element method was shown to be very efficient even for the waves in ultrasound range. Efficiency, ease of the use and reliability of the wave propagation modeling by the explicit finite element method can contribute to the development of a new and the improvement of the existing methods for the monitoring of structures.The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a waveform propagation model using an explicit FEM in ABAQUS software.


explicit finite element method, structural health monitoring, wave propagation, piezoelectric sensors, damage detection

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