Dragan Ivanoski, Slaviša Trajković, Milan Gocić

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Periodic bathymetric surveys are carried out to define quantity of sedimented material in reservoirs, as well as to determine the areas most endangered by the silting process. Such surveys in the Republic of Macedonia were started as an obligatory and regular practice in the seventies of the last century, immediately after the formation of the larger artificial lakes. These were carried out for almost all reservoirs in the country and it can be said that there is already a sufficient amount of data on some of them that can serve as a basis for high quality analyses of the silting trend of the reservoirs and of the extent to which erosion is affecting the basin area. This paper provides a review of the results from the latest field surveys and analyses of changes in the configuration of the Shpilje reservoir bottom, carried out in the period 2014 to 2016.


bathymetric surveys, reservoir volume, silting with sediments

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