Dragoljub Borojevic

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Abstract. Why does man feel more comfortable in one surrounding than in another and what is there in a surrounding and in man that causes that state of a spirit? It is obvious that one`s reactions to surrounding are reflexive and uncontrolled, yet they happen according to certain patterns. To adjust to his natural surrounding as much as he can, during evolution man developed mechanisms (intuitive reactions) that made it possible to him to react to the changes in his environment much faster and more effectively, which was of the key importance for survival. By developing intuitive reactions to surrounding, man acquired a special apparatus through which he sees much more in his surrounding than he is aware. Esthetic reactions and esthetic preferences make a part of that apparatus and they have an adaptive role. Thanks to awarding certain behaviors with comfortable feelings, elements, physical characteristics (compositions, relationships) that are useful for survival that man notices in his surrounding have become beautiful to him. Evolutionary psychology, psychology, esthetics, neuroesthetics all research why and how man reacts to certain physical characteristics of the surrounding. Discoveries of esthetic reactions, esthetic preference and evolutionary base on those reactions can be applied in architecture in order to create space and shapes that are customized for man.

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