Ljiljana Vukajlov, Aleksandra Milinković, Dijana Brkljač

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Theater location quality is researched according to a pre-formed model with the aim to improve quality in the functioning of theaters in settlements of the Republic of Serbia. An omnipresent process of globalization has led to significant changes in the field of culture, and thus a reduction in interest for classic theater performances has occurred. The poor condition of theater buildings in architectural and structural terms as well as their immediate environment, in urbanistic sense, is the result of neglecting the field of culture on a national level for many years. By summing up the total scores for specific urban aspects obtained on the basis of the conducted research and previously collected data, it was found that the average score of the location quality of theaters is 6 of maximum 10, based on the established scoring and evaluation of the determined aspects within the research. Since the active functioning of the theaters at the local level is important for the development of the traditional culture of the population, it is justified to propose specific measures transformation of the theater immediate environment and to implement them as soon as possible for 30 existing theaters in the Republic of Serbia.


theater location evaluation, urban revitalization, theaters of Serbia

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