Natasa Petkovic Grozdanovic, Goran Jovanovic, Branislava Stojkovic, Mirko Stanimirovic

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Abstract. Experiences of the countries with developed social housing sector indicate that the role of social housing should not be treated in a limited manner, considered to be just a roof over one’s head, whereby housing quality will be neglected. Contemporary approaches to the development of social housing models are focused on users themselves, with a special concern for the housing quality. Because the units of social housing have the minimal size, it is necessary to provide such amenities so as to overcome the shortage of usable housing space. It is also desirable that the design of social housing dwellings should have a simulative effect on the tenants within this areas. This paper discusses the spatial and physical parameters which could affect the housing quality of this type of dwellings.

Key words: housing quality, housing standard, housing unit, social housing


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