Amr Mamdouh, Morad Abdelkader, Tamer Samir

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The present study is concerned with assessing the currently used methods for improving the skills of continued education in the architectural engineering departments as well as the architectural market in Egypt. The main hypothesis of this study is that: the concept of continued-education in architecture is absent in Egypt, the current mechanisms of supporting continued-education are neither active nor effective, and the architectural education is not enough alone to build a professional architectural character.

Survey forms have been distributed for practitioners, and interviews have been conducted with stakeholders for the sake of assessing the role of the universities in Egypt in supporting the graduates’ skills development. The study compared the collected data about these universities through three main points: continued-education, graduates’ follow-up and environment & community services.

At the end, this study suggests some mechanisms based on the data analysis of the collected information. These mechanisms will help improving the practice of architecture in Egypt. In addition, the study proposed some recommendations regarding practicing architecture in Egypt for architecture’s practitioners, Egyptian Engineering Syndicate, and Egyptian executive entities such as ministry of higher education & prime minister office. These recommendations will be delivered as well as a copy of this research to all stakeholders in order to be taken into considerations.


Continued Education, Self-Learning, Architectural Education, Skills Development, Architectural Career, Professional Practice

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