URBAN PLAN OF UŽICE FROM 1863. BY EMANUEL ŠEFEL From Oriental to European Urban Planning

Duško Kuzović, Nedeljko Stojnić

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The City of Užice had 2490 inhabitants in mid 1862. Following the order of the state administration that every city must have an urban plan, firstly a Geodetic plan of the current state of the city center was made and based on it, in May 1863 the first urban plan proposal (author Emanuel Šefel) appeared. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, because of a large number of complaints of the population and of a short period time available to make changes to the plan sent the engineers Joseph Vesely and Joseph Klinar to Užice so that they could assist. The second urban plan proposal was completed towards the end of 1863. The first urban plan of Užice transformed the town, previously fully regulated by oriental principles, into a city organized according to European urban principles. The plan was effective from 1871 to 1891.


19th century urban planning in Serbia, Serbian cities reconstruction, urban reconstruction, urban planning, geology and urban planning

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