Žarko Petrović, Slobodan Ranković, Marina Mijalković, Bojan Milošević

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Strengthening of concrete structures is applied as a solution for various deterioration problems in civil engineering practice. This paper presents an analytical study of the behaviour of cross-section of reinforced concrete (RC) beam, strengthened for flexure with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) materials. Using the balance of internal forces in the cross section through all phases of stress through which the section passes, a program was written in the MATLAB software, the execution of which produced a curve of dependence between bending moment and curvature, which is one of the most important indicators of cross section behaviour. The parameters varied in this study are the amount and type of FRP reinforcement and the obtained results indicate a significant influence of additional FRP reinforcement both on the yielding and ultimate bending moment, and on the bending stiffness of the strengthened cross section.


reinforced concrete beams, cross-section analysis, fiber reinforced polymer materials, strengthening

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