Jelena R. Lukić, Dragan B. Živanović, Dragan B. Denić

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In this paper a compact and cost-effective design of a linearization circuit used for angular position sensors is proposed. The proposed circuit is composed of two sections, wherein the first section performs pseudo-linearization of the sensor output signal, while in the second section reduction of the residual signal nonlinearity and the signal digitalization are performed. In particular, the second section of the proposed circuit represents a two-stage piecewise linear analog-to-digital converter. Compact design of the two-stage piecewise linear analog-to-digital converter provides cost-effectiveness of the linearization circuit in terms of power consumption. In particular, these benefits are achieved by excluding power consuming components such as comparators since just one flash analog-to-digital converter performs both conversion stages. The obtained numerical results prove the efficiency of the linearization circuit we are proposing since the maximal absolute error is 1.84078·10-5 [rad] (0.001o) when the 16-bit two-stage piecewise linear analog-to-digital converter is employed.

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