Ivan Ćirić, Maša Milošević, Nikola Ivačko, Aleksandra Cvetković, Milan Pavlović, Dušan Krstić

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Development of an intelligent computer vision system for Smart IoT basketball training and entertainment includes the development of a range of various subsystems, where score detection subsystem is playing a crucial role. This paper proposes the architecture of such a score detection subsystem to improve reliability and accuracy of the RFID technology used primarily for verification purposes. Challenges encompass both hardware-software interdependencies, optimal camera selection, and cost-effectiveness considerations. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, the vision-based subsystem aims not only to detect scores but also to facilitate online video streaming. Although the use of multiple cameras offers expanded field coverage and heightened precision, it concurrently introduces technical intricacies and increased costs due to image fusion and escalated processing requirements. This research navigates the intricate balance between achieving precise score detection and pragmatic system development. Through precise camera configuration optimization, the proposed system harmonizes hardware and software components.


Computer vision, intelligent score detection, basketball training system, convolutional neural networks

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