Jelena Nikolić, Christopher Riedinger, Michel Jordan, Hedi Tabia, Bata Vasić

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This paper describes a novel method of data protection of the three-dimensional (3D) models that are obtained from automatic process of geometric restitution, using old two-dimensional (2D) architectural and artistic drawings. The first contribution of our research is the algorithm that includes several image processing steps, which are required in order to define walls, staircases and openings from the digitalized hand drawn architectural plans. The result of this step is detailed 3D model of the digitally processed historical building plans. The experimental confirmation of the algorithm accuracy is 3D model of the Chateau de Versailles, which is descripted by old hand drawings, dating between the end of the XVII and the XIX century. Next part of our research is theoretical and mathematical analysis of geometrical features of such 3D model that is a result of the image processing algorithm. The key-achievement of this part is new method of protecting the geometrical data using optimized adaptive Sparse Quantization Index Modulation (QIM) for embedding data bits into essential structure of the generated model. As a final result we present a secure authentication of the automatically restituted 3D model of the historically important artifact.

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