Jelena Petrović, Zivojin Stamenković, Miloš Kocić, Milica Nikodijević

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Flow of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid between two infinite horizontal parallel porous plates under a constant pressure gradient or constant flow rate has been considered in the paper. Effects of magnetic field, suction/injection and load factor have been studied in order to control the flow rate, shear stress and heat transfer on the plates. Applied magnetic field is perpendicular to the plates, the channel plates are electrically insulated and through the plates perpendicular to the surface the fluid of the same physical characteristics as the fluid in the basic flow is injected or ejected. An exact solution of governing equation has been obtained in a closed form. The influences of each of the governing parameters on flow rate, shear stress and heat transfer are discussed with the aid of graphs.


MHD, suction-injection, temperature, velocity, porous plates

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