Saša Nikolić, Dragan Antić, Staniša Perić, Nikola Danković, Miodrag Spasić, Miroslav Milovanović

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The main idea of this paper is to present a possibility of application of hybrid-fuzzy controllers in control systems theory. In this paper, we have described a new method оf using orthogonal functions in control of dynamical systems. These functions generate genarilzed quasi-orthogonal filter, which are used in the concluding phase of the fuzzy controllers. Proposed hybrid-fuzzy controllers of Takagi-Sugeno type has been applied to a DC servo drive system and performed experiments have verified efficiency and improvements of a new control method.


hybrid-fuzzy controller, quasi-orthogonal filter, quasi-orthogonal functions, modular DC servo drive

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUACR1701025N


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