Maria Kyrarini, Adrian Leu, Danijela Ristić-Durrant, Axel Gräser, Anja Jackowski, Marion Gebhard, Jochen Nelles, Christina Bröhl, Christopher Brandl, Alexander Mertens, Christopher M. Schlick

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This paper presents two human-robot cooperative application scenarios of the project MeRoSy (Human-Robot Synergy) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The first scenario relates to the human-robot cooperation in an industrial application, while the second one refers to the robotic workplace assistance for people with disabilities. The presented scenarios reflect different aspects of human-robot interaction, among others different novel possibilities for human-robot interaction depending on different physical abilities of human co-worker. Beside the consideration of the human-robot cooperative technologies in two MeRoSy scenarios, this paper considers also the identification and classification of the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) in the context of human-robot cooperation.


human-robot interaction, human-robot collaboration, cooperative robots, assistive robots, ELSI (ethical, legal and social implications)

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