Emina Petrović, Miloš Simonović, Vlastimir Nikolić

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Tracking of moving objects, including humans has important role in mobile robotics. In this paper, the hierarchical control structure for target/human tracking consisted of high and low level control was presented. The low level subsystem deals with the control of the linear and angular velocities using multivariable PD controller whose parameters are obtained by Particle swarm optimization. The position control of the mobile robot represents the high level control, where we use two fuzzy logic Mamdani controllers for distance and angle control. In order to test the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme a simulation was performed. Two cases, when the mobile robot pursues a target moving along a circular path and when the mobile robot pursues a target moving along a rectangle path, were simulated.


differential drive mobile robot, control, fuzzy logic, moving target tracking

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUACR1702083P


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