Srđan Milosavljević, Dejan Milić, Slaviša Trajković, Petar Spalević, Bojana Milosavljević

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In this paper macrodiversity reception with macrodiversity selection combining (SC) receiver and two microdiversity MRC receivers operating over shadowed multipath fading channel is studied. Received signal experiences  short term fading and correlated Gamma long term fading resulting in system performance degradation. Level crossing rate (LCR) of η-μ random process and level crossing rate of signals at outputs of microdiversity MRC receivers are efficiently calculated. By using these derived formulas, level crossing rate of macrodiversity SC receiver output signal process is calculated. By using this result, average fade duration (AFD) of the proposed wireless communication system can be calculated. The influence of  η-μ  short term fading severity parameter, Gamma long term fading severity parameter and Gamma long term correlation coefficient on level crossing rate is analysed and studied.


Gamma shadowing, level crossing rate (LCR), η-μ fading, macrodiversity system, microdiversity system, wireless communication system

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUACR1702157M


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