Milutin Petronijević, Boban Veselić, Nebojša Mitrović, Vojkan Kostić

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Sensitivity of adjustable speed drives (ASDs) on voltage sag events represents one of the most challenging problems in modern industrial facilities. In this paper, a comprehensive experimental verification of vector-controlled ASDs is conducted under the most-frequent sag types. The obtained results are faced with static and dynamic requirements in speed and torque controlled applications. Besides influence of DC-link parameters, selection of the applied control method and the controller settings can have crucial impact on performance deterioration. Examined industrial ASDs exhibited voltage sag susceptibility with fault error codes under the deeper voltage sags, while under the voltage sags with residual voltage above under-voltage limit they showed speed degradation.


power quality, voltage sag, adjustable speed drives, field oriented control, comparative study.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUACR1702167P


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