Aleksandar Jovanović, Aleksandar Milosavljević

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Virtual Reality (VR) has been used in industries since the 1960s. However, the recent development of hardware and software has made it possible for VR technologies to become widely adopted by the mass market with the highest level of immersion and affordable price. However, building platforms for VR technologies will require many active users and their engagement in project development. Those activities will include platform activities, content creation, social media marketing, processing power, and storage. For that purpose, we introduce VoRtex enterprise high-level software architecture and decentralized blockchain solution. Introduced VoRtex enterprise high-level software architecture will be used to develop blockchain-based virtual world (VW) platform with VR support. The goal of the VW platform is to support the development of education, certification and massive open online courses (MOOC). A blockchain component inside the VW platform will be used for engaging users in project development through collaboration and content sharing. Active users that promote platform content will get rewards for contributions using cryptocurrency. Also, we will showcase this feature on the VoRtex platform prototype where the user earns cryptocurrencies for activity inside the VW. In the end, we will evaluate the proposed solution


virtual world, virtual reality, enterprise, education, blockchain

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUACR1901057J


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