Milan Andrejević, Aleksandra Milovanović, Saša S. Nikolić

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This paper describes a hybrid navigation system consisting of an integrated GPS/INS system. The integration of the navigation systems has been performed to improve the accuracy of the navigation parameters and it is a current trend in the world. The need for continuous navigation, during the change of position of the GPS receiver, during the closing time of the GPS receiving antenna, and during the appearance of interference, has imposed a solution that is achieved by the integration of GPS / INS. The role of SINS, which is part of the integrated GPS / INS navigation system, is to determine the navigation parameters at intervals between two adjacent measurements of GPS receivers, i.e., at times when there is no GPS navigation information for any reason. In this way, GPS and INS, when used together, complement and correct each other, significantly increasing the reliability and accuracy of the hybrid navigation system.


navigation systems, global positioning system, strapdown inertial navigation system, Kalman filter

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUACR2002137A


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