Igor Jovanović, Ljubiša Perić, Uglješa Jovanović, Dragan Mančić

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The main subject of this study is the investigation of the free vibration of a rectangular prismatic piezoceramic cantilever with longitudinal polarization and electrode coatings. Based on the general solution of coupled equations for piezoceramic material, applying the equations of electro-elasticity and satisfying electrical and mechanical conditions for the stress of a cantilever made from PZT4 piezoceramic material, componential displacements, electric potential, specific strain, electric field, and piezoelectric displacement, are determined and numerically obtained with Matlab software package. Based on the obtained equations and simulation results, it is possible to optimize the dimensions of the cantilever and determine the type of piezoceramic.


longitudinal polarization, piezoceramic cantilever, PZT4 piezoceramic material, Matlab

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