Milica Ćirić, Bratislav Predić

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This research focuses on trying to predict the moment of the next purchase for a customer in vendor-customer B2B scenario using an LSTM neural network and comparing prediction results from different input features. In a previous research we performed predictions for a specific customer product pair and used previous purchases for that pair as input data, but  the number of such previous purchases was often very limited which resulted in low accuracy of predictions. By aggregating purchase data for all products a customer purchased, we were able to get more precise predictions of the next purchase. Additionally, expanding our input feature set yielded even better results. We performed an evaluation of LSTM networks trained with the most successful combination of input features for a six month period. Each of the networks was trained with purchase data up to the starting point of the selected period and the predictions were performed, after which additional input for the following seven days was added to the network. This process was then repeated for the entire six month period and a slight downward trend can be noticed for error metrics, leading to the conclusion that the network would perform even better over time with the addition of future purchases.


Purchase prediction, time series, long short-term memory neural network

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