Aleksandra Jovanović, Zoran Perić

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In this paper, unlike to the commonly considered clustering, wherein data attributes are accurately presented, it is researched how successful clustering can be performed when data attributes are represented with smaller accuracy, i.e. by using the small number of bits. In particular, the effect of data attributes quantization on the two-dimensional two-component Gaussian mixture model (GMM)-based clustering by using expectation–maximization (EM) algorithm is analyzed. An independent quantization of data attributes by using uniform quantizers with the support limits adjusted to the minimal and maximal attribute values is assumed. The analysis makes it possible to determine the number of bits for data presentation that provides the accurate clustering. These findings can be useful in clustering wherein before being grouped the data have to be represented with a finite small number of bits due to their transmission through the bandwidth-limited channel. 


Unsupervised learning, clustering, Gaussian mixture model, expectation-maximization algorithm, quantization noise

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