Milena Frtunić Gligorijević, Miloš Bogdanović, Nataša Veljković, Leonid Stoimenov

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In the Big Data era data visualization and exploration systems, as means for data perception and manipulation are facing major challenges. One of the challenges for modern visualization systems is to ensure adequate visual presentation and interaction.  Therefore, within this paper, we present a tool for interactive visualization of data with a hierarchical structure. It is a general-purpose tool that uses a graph-based approach. However, its main focus is on the visual analysis of concept lattices generated as the output of the Formal Concept Analysis algorithm. As the data grow, concept lattice can become complex and hard for visualization and analysis. In order to address this issue, functionalities important for the exploration of the large concept lattices are applied within this tool. The usage of the tool is presented in the example of visualization of concept lattices generated based on the available data on the Canadas open data portal and can be used for exploring the usage of tags within datasets.


Visualization, visual analytics, visual exploration, visualization tool, data exploration

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