Ivana Janjić, Bojan Krstić, Sandra Milanović

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This paper aims to examine the influence of R&D activity on the business performance of high-technology companies. In order to provide an empirical investigation of the impact of R&D activity on the business performance of high-technology companies, correlation and regression analyses have been utilized.

This study discovered that investment in R&D has a positive influence on EBIT, net earnings, EBITDA, and total assets, while its influence on ROA was confirmed to be statistically significant and negative. Additionally, the influence of R&D intensity performance indicator (RDI) on ROA as a short-term financial performance indicator was not confirmed. The study revealed that return on R&D investment (RORDI) has a statistically significant and positive influence on ROA in the current, observed year.

The evaluation of the obtained results can be a basis for drawing more detailed conclusions, contributing to the future R&D strategy and existing literature, and emphasizing the importance of R&D investment for various business performances.

The originality of this study is reflected in the comprehensive analysis of the influence of specific indicators of R&D activity, such as RORDI, on the business performance of high-technology companies. This paper is also beneficial because none of the existing studies have explored the impact of investment in R&D on EBITDA.


R&D activity, R&D investment, business performance, profitability

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