Marko Gašić, Vladan Ivanović, Goran Perić

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In this paper, the authors study and analyze the degree of application electronic and mobile commerce in the airline sector, arguing that modern information and communication technologies provide a powerful tool for airlines and can significantly affect their operations, structure and strategy. In the airlines sector Internet is considered to be the most important technological revolution, because upon its appearance the booking systems ceased to be passive computer archives and records and become active operating systems that with immense speed transform the air traffic. In the mid 80's years, specific types of information systems appeared and these were global distribution systems which were designed for the distribution of tourism products, whose implementation on the website gave access to the airlines to  an electronic trading and enabled them to carry out the provision of services and conduct the sale of air tickets on the Internet. However, the development of technology, the appearance of smart phones and numerous other factors today necessitate airlines to access mobile commerce and make their services available to smart phone users as well as on the website.

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