Sanja Marković, Vuk Miletić

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A business operation of an enterprise in a socially responsible manner becomes a crucial topic and imperative of contemporary business operations and management of the enterprises, given that the business is conducted in the environment that must be taken into account. Corporate social responsibility imposes as the necessity-inevitability of modern business operation and therefore managers are expected to harmonize social responsibility strategy with all key values, business mission and global strategy of an enterprise. The goal of this paper is, therefore, to present that the enterprises will have a greater positive impact on their working, business and natural environment if social responsibility is more involved in the strategy of the enterprise. The paper presents the result of conducted research in the following enterprises: Lola “FOT” - Lešak, ŠG “Ibar”- Leposavić and RIF “Kopaonik” - Leposavić that we came to applying the Pearson linear correlation coefficient and procedure of a single-factor analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Tukey post hoc test.

Key words: social responsibility, management, managers, working environment, business environment, natural environment.

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