Dejan Dragan Mirković, Miona Andrejević Stošović, Predrag Petković, Vančo Litovski

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A case study is reported related to the design of IIR digital filters exhibiting critical monotonic amplitude characteristic (CMAC) in the pass band. This kind of amplitude characteristic offers several advantages as compared to its non-monotonic counterparts while it is not studied thoroughly, if at all. After giving a short overview of the way of generation CMACs, arguments will be listed in favor of the IIR version of the digital filter function realization. Next, the IIR implementation of the digital filters will be shortly considered. The main part of the paper will be devoted to the design sequence of this kind of filters which will be illustrated on the example of a band-pass filter obtained by a set of transformations from an all-pole low-pass analogue prototype. This will be for the first time a CMAC band pass IIR digital filters to be reported.


Digital filters, IIR, monotone amplitude characteristic, all-pole filters

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