Aleksandar Lebl, Mladen Mileusnić, Dragan Mitić, Jovan Radivojević, Vladimir Matić

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Drones micro-Doppler signatures obtained by FMCW radars are an excellent procedure for malicious drone detection, identification and classification. There are a number of contributions dealing with recorded spectrograms with these micro-Doppler signatures, but very low number of them has analyzed possibility to calculate echo caused by drone moving parts. In this paper, starting from already existing mathematical apparatus, we presented such spectrograms as a function of changing drone moving parts characteristics: rotor number, blades number, blade length and rotor moving speed. This development is the part of a wider project intended to prevent malicious drone usage.


Malicious drone detection, FMCW radar, Spectrogram, Drone micro-Doppler signatures, calculation method

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