Kada Biteur, Belkacem Benadda, Ahmed Nour El Islam Ayad

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Ultra-Wideband Direct Sequences Code Division Multiple Access (DS-DMA) plays an important role in the case of multi-terminal multi-application communications of UWB devices. In the case of UWB systems that exploit the injection of the pulse itself directly to the antenna hence the very wide bandwidth, generation of suitable DS-CDMA codes poses a real challenge. In this paper we will describe our novel UWB transmission  which uses pseudo-orthogonal time code (POC) as DS-CDMA sequences. The suggested codes are unipolar sequences with chips that may be dynamically modified to target a certain number of users or applications. Our approach bypasses the modulations schemes commonly used on UWB systems. Moreover, as perspectives to our work, it would be very interesting to realize our new approach based on an FPGA circuit.


UWB systems, pseudo-orthogonal code (POC), direct sequence-CDMA

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