Haris Turkmanović, Ivan Popović, Dejan Drajić, Zoran Čiča

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More efficient usage of limited energy resources on embedded platforms, found in various IoT applications, is identified as a universal challenge in designing such devices and systems. Although many power management techniques for control and optimization of device power consumption have been introduced at the hardware and software level, only few of them are addressing device operation at the application level. In this paper, a software engineering approach for managing the operation of IoT edge devices is presented. This approach involves a set of the application-level software parameters that affect consumption of the IoT device and its real-time behavior. To investigate and illustrate the impact of the introduced parameters on the device performance and its energy footprint, we utilize a custom-built simulation environment. The simulation results obtained from analyzing simplified data producer-consumer configuration of IoT edge tier, under push-based communication model, confirm that careful tuning of the identified set of parameters can lead to more energy efficient IoT end-device operation.


Green IoT, Energy saving, Real-Time IoT, Push communication technology, Embedded systems

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