Aleksandar Atanasković, Nataša Maleš-Ilić, Aleksandra Đorić, Djuradj Budimir

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Verification of two linearization methods, applied on asymmetrical two-way microstrip Doherty amplifier in experiment and on symmetrical two-way Doherty amplifier in simulation, is performed in this paper. The laboratory set-ups are formed to generate the baseband nonlinear linearization signals of the second-order. After being tuned in magnitude and phase in the digital domain the linearization signals modulate the second harmonics of fundamental carrier. In the first method, adequately processed signals are then inserted at the input and output of the main Doherty amplifier transistor, whereas in the second method, they are injected at the outputs of the Doherty main and auxiliary amplifier transistors. The experimental results are obtained for 64QAM digitally modulated signals. As a proof of concept, the linearization methods are also verified in simulation, for Doherty amplifier designed to work in 5G band below 6 GHz, utilizing 20 MHz LTE signal.


Doherty amplifier, baseband signal, second harmonic, linearization, experimental verification.

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