Anja Kovačević, Milka Potrebić, Dejan Tošić

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This paper investigates the impact of finite number of unit cells on the sensing performance of chosen THz metamaterial absorber. Sensor models with different number of unit cells varying from 16 to infinite have been created using WIPL-D software. The results of comparison show that as the sensor’s size increases, its absorption response becomes more similar to the one of an infinite sensor structure. Metamaterial absorber with 50 unit cells expresses the similar behavior in terms of the corresponding frequency and amplitude shifts as the infinite absorber when the H9N2 virus sample of variable thickness is uniformly deposited on the top of the sensors’ surface. The uneven distribution of sample affects the sensor’s absorption response which has been proven on the example of sensor with 50 unit cells.


THz metamaterial absorber, finite dimensions, absorption response, H9N2 virus sample

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