Milutin P Petronijević, Čedomir Milosavljević, Boban Veselić, Senad Huseinbegović, Branislava Peruničić

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Application of a discrete time (DT) sliding mode controller (SMC) in the control structure of the primary controller of a three-phase LCL grid inverter is presented. The design of the inverter side current control loop is performed using a DT linear model of the grid inverter with LCL filter at output terminals. The DT quasi-sliding mode control was used due to its robustness to external and parametric disturbances. Additionally, in order to improve disturbance compensation, a disturbance compensator is also implemented. Also, a specific anti-windup mechanism has been implemented in the structure of the controller to prevent large overshoots in the inverter response in case of random disturbances of grid voltages, or sudden changes in the commanded power. The control of the grid inverter is realized in the reference system synchronized with the voltage of the power grid. The development of the digitally realized control subsystem is presented in detail, starting from theoretical considerations, through computer simulations to experimental tests. The experimental results confirm good static and dynamic performance.


grid inverter control, sliding mode control, current control, IEEE 1547 standard

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