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Energy-efficient and reliable data routing is critical in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) application scenarios. Due to oscillations in wireless links in adverse environmental conditions, sensed data may not be sent to a sink node. As a result of wireless connectivity fluctuations, packet loss may occur. However, retransmission-based approaches are used to improve reliable data delivery. These approaches need a high quantity of data transfers for reliable data collection. Energy usage and packet delivery delays increase as a result of an increase in data transmissions. An energy-efficient data collection approach based on a genetic algorithm has been suggested in this paper to determine the most energy-efficient and reliable data routing in wireless sensor networks. The proposed algorithm reduced the number of data transmissions, energy consumption, and delay in network packet delivery. However, increased network lifetime. Furthermore, simulation results demonstrated the efficacy of the proposed method, considering the parameters energy consumption, network lifetime, number of data transmissions, and average delivery delay.


Genetic algorithm, Energy-efficient routing path, Data transmissions, Lifetime, Wireless sensor networks

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