Bojan Stojčetović, Martina Petković, Strahinja Đurović

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Energy is a prerequisite for development of today's economies and societies. Renewable energy sources (RES) are gaining increasing importance and share in the energy systems of many countries. However, assessment and selection among different renewable energy sources request analyzing numerous criteria, limitations, legal regulations etc. For this reason, multi-criteria decision-making methods (MCDM) are often used in the literature and in practice for the assessment of RES projects/technologies. From numerous MCDM methods in this paper analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is selected to assess solar, wind, photovoltaic and biomass sources in Kosovo*. According obtained results first ranked is hydro alternative. Also, for results obtained, sensitivity analysis is conducted. Its show that changes in rank occur exclusively outside the allowable values, so it can be concluded that the results obtained are relevant.


Analytical hierarchy process, renewable energy sources, Kosovo*

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