Abdelilah Chibani, Bachir Daaou, Abdelmadjid Gouichiche, Ahmed Safa, Yacine Badaoui, Zakaria Chedjara

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Chua’s circuit is the classic chaotic system and the most widely used in serval areas due to its potential for secure communication. However, developing an accurate chaos control strategy is one of the most challenging works for Chua’s circuit. This study proposes a new application of super twisting algorithm (STC) based on sliding mode control (SMC) to eliminate or synchronize the chaos behavior in the circuit. Therefore, the proposed control strategy is robust against uncertainty and effectively regulates the system with a good regulation tracking task. Using the Lyapunov stability, the property of asymptotical stability is verified. The whole of the system including the (control strategy, and Chua’s circuit) is implemented under a suitable test setup based on dSpace1104 to validate the effectiveness of our proposed control scheme. The experimental results show that the proposed control method can effectively eliminate or synchronize the chaos in the Chua's circuit.


Chaos control, Chua’s circuit, Control design Super-twisting

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