Neda Lj. Stanojevic, Dragana K. Markushev, Sanja M. Aleksic, Dragan S. Pantic, Dragan V. Lukic, Marica N. Popovic, Dragan D. Markushev

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This paper presents a new approach to the thermal characterization of aluminum, based on the electro-acoustic analogy between the thermoelastic component of the photoacoustic signal and the passive RC low-pass filter. The analogies were used to calculate the characteristic thermoelastic cut-off frequencies of the photoacoustic component and obtain their relationship with the thickness of the aluminum samples. Detailed numerical analysis showed that the required relationship is linear in the log-log scale and can serve as a reference curve for the given material. The results of the numerical analysis were also confirmed experimentally.


electro-acoustic, thermoelastic component, photoacoustic signal, RC filter

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