Sanat Kr. Das, Bibek Chettri, Prasanna Karki, Bhakta Kunwar, Pronita Chettri, Bikash Sharma

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Standard Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) are gaining prominence in low-power nanoscale applications. This is largely attributed to their proximity to physical and thermal limits, rendering them a compelling option for energy-efficient electronic devices. In this study, we hypothesized that the high-κ HfO2 in a quasi-ballistic SiNW MOSFET acts as the gate dielectric. In this case, the data from the TCAD simulation and the model demonstrated exceptional agreement. The proposed model for a SiNW MOSFET with high-κ HfO2 exhibits a consistently increasing drain current, albeit with a smaller magnitude compared to a quasi-ballistic device (QBD). Additionally, it shows reduced mobility and decreased transconductance when considering the combined effects of scattering and temperature. As gate voltage increases, temperature-induced transconductance decline in SiNW MOSFETs becomes significant. Our method is suitable for modeling scattered SiNW MOSFETs with temperature effects, as TGF values are similar in the subthreshold region for both Near Ballistic and Scattered SiNW MOSFET models.


high-κ dielectric, MOSFET, nanowire, metal oxide, transconductance

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