Septian Nudin, Marko Suvajdžić, Petar Lukovac, Dušan Barać, Božidar Radenković

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This study aims to analyze the readiness for adopting blockchain technology in tracking the authenticity of organic coffee to provide added value to consumers and producers of coffee considering technological advances in the Supply Chain. This study combines the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) and the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). An online questionnaire with eligible respondents is used to collect data which is then processed using Smart PLS 4.0 software. The data analysis method used is quantitative. The findings indicate that every explanatory variable has a positive impact on the dependent variable, suggesting that consumer adoption of blockchain technology depends on simplicity, advantage, and positive attitude toward technology use.


Blockchain, Organic Coffe Traceability, UTAUT, TAM

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