Ebenezer Agbozo, Waseem Mowafak Hayawi

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Blockchain Technology - Hype or Fad? This is one of the most popular questions multitudes of technology enthusiasts, policymakers, and businesses have asked. The technology has been projected to have a promising future in spite of its current state of experts beginning to rediscover its true purpose and use case success. A number of domains of discourse such as supply chain, banking and finance, as well as land management have chalked appreciable levels of success with the technology. In this paper, we delve into the world of sports to identify the state of the art with respect to blockchain technology in major sporting activities. The article adopts a computational literature review together with bibliometric analysis methodologies to extract knowledge from scientific publications on the aforementioned goal. Finally, our work contributes to knowledge and practice by providing a snapshot of blockchain technology within the sphere of sports.


Blockchain, Sports, Bibliometric Analysis, Computational Literature Review

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