Marko A. Dimitrijević, Miona Andrejević-Stošović, Jelena Milojković, Vančo Litovski

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ICT and energy are two economic domains that became among the most influential to the growth of modern society. These, in the same time, due to exploitation of natural resources and producing unwanted effects to the environment, represent a kind of menace to the eco system and the human future. Implementation of measures to mitigate these unwanted effects established a new paradigm of production and distribution of electrical energy named smart grid. It relies on many novelties that improve the production, distribution and consumption of electricity among which one of the most important is the ICT. Among the ICT concepts implemented in modern smart grid one recognizes the artificial intelligence and, specifically the artificial neural network. Here, after reviewing the subject and setting the case, we are reporting some of our newest results aiming at broadening the set of tools being offered by ICT to the smart grid. We will describe our result in prediction of electricity demand and characterization of new threats to the security of the ICT that may use the grid as a carrier of the attack. We will use artificial neural networks (ANNs) as a tool in both subjects.

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